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Sunset in Hyde Park

Outfit | Tiered Shirt Dress: Banana Republic (Sold out last summer. Love these similar styles/colours here & here) | Belt: H&M | Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull | Shoes: Payless Chelsea Flat | Sunnies: Cheapies from Camden Market (similar here) | Make Up: Bobbi Brown | Lipstick: Bite in Radish (I'm totally in love with this brand!) | Hair by Aer Blow Dry Bar |

I have to say it was a dream come true to be able to visit London. There is so much beauty in the city! Around every corner is another stunning building or breathtaking wisteria display but after a few days of city hustle and bustle, this country girl was craving green grass and wide open spaces. I found exactly what I was looking for in Hyde Park. The tree lined paths lead to tall grasses with spectacular blooming trees. The husband and I watched the sunset in Hyde Park and then we headed back to the busy subway to attend a performance of Les Mis in the West End.

Waking Up With Needham Lane

The thing I look forward to the most when visiting a hotel is going to sleep. There is nothing more satisfying in this world than laying down your head on a freshly made bed that you did not make. Checking out the bed is the first thing I do when we enter our room and I can remember every great hotel bed. I'm seriously obsessed with hotel beds. Like, I actually bought a hotel bed for my master room. I'm not at all kidding (I'll share that whole story another time). 

BTW I really did wake up like this. 

Anyway, a few years ago I was trying to think of a way to make my hotel stays even more luxurious and that's when I came up with the idea to treat myself to a new set of pjs before every trip. I've been doing it for about three years and never looked back (plus it helped me upgrade my sleepwear from the hubby's old t-shirts which was so not classy). For our trip to London I wanted something as special as the city itself and thanks to a recommendation I read on another bloggers webpage (hello White Cabana!) I headed to the Needham Lane website. 

I had been looking forward to this London trip my whole life, not just the seven or so months since we booked our flights. London has always been this far away city filled with gorgeous architecture, nods to the past around every corner, British teas and food and the fashion. Oh my, the fashion. In my books, there has never been a better hotbed for fashion (sorry, Paris. I prefer tweed any day.). I felt that this special trip needed a special set of pjs and Needham Lane agreed. I explained to the Needham Lane team that I am a lady of colour. The brighter, the pinker, the better. This company, based in Massachusetts, had exactly what I was looking for. 

The Palmer Long Sleeve Pajamas in classic pink and green and Pineapple Canvas Slip-Ons. They were the first things I packed for the London leg of our trip. 

My favourite part of staying in British hotels is they always have a kettle with tea, milk and biscuits waiting in the room. As a self professed teaholic (I'm not nearly as bad as my mom!) I need a tea the minute I wake up. Yes its a bad habit and no I am not interested in changing. We were very lucky weather wise and had the warmest and sunniest days while in London. On our first morning I enjoyed my cuppa while reading Kate's British Vogue cover story while the warm morning light streamed in. 

The hotel we stayed at in London has the nicest grounds. It was a little slice of paradise in the centre of a bustling city. And none of the other hotel guests were using it. I even asked if we could have our tea outside in the morning and they invited us to stay as long as we like. Since no one else was using it, we figured it was fine to just wear our pjs out there! 

What I like the most about the Palmer Long Sleeve pajamas, besides the colours which I do love, is the fit and fabric. The material is 100% cotton which gives a wonderful softness. I am always cold at night and these pjs kept me comfortably warm but did not make me overheat. I stopped wearing fleece to bed for that reason. The fit is excellent. I am wearing the size medium and never felt restricted when moving around (which is good for those of us that clean their house early in the morning in their pjs!). I have washed the pjs a few times and they look as good as the first day they arrive. I wash all my clothes on a delicate cycle and hang everything to dry. To remove the crispness of line drying I throw everything into the dryer on a delicate cycle with a dryer sheet for about 5 minutes. 

Did you know there are palm trees in London? They have them in Wales as well! I've always associated palm trees with tropical climates but I guess the southern areas of Britain don't usually get very cold. 

My Pineapple canvas slip-ons were very comfortable for walking around the hotel. They are quite substantial, these are the thickest soul slippers I have ever seen! Truth be told, since we have been home I wore them out a few times with white jeans. They are adorable and have the same styling as a smoking slipper, which is a very popular look right now.   

Well my second tea of the morning is all gone and I am ready for my third and fourth. Guess we better head back to the room and start exploring London. Cheerio!

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Needham Lane for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Pastel Coloured Chelsea

Outfit | Skirt: Banana Republic (old) | Shirt: Joe Fresh | Camisole: Old Navy | Shoes: Talbots | Purse: Tory Burch (similar style) | Make up: Bobbi Brown | Lipstick: Dior

The pastel coloured homes in the Chelsea neighbourhood of London were a real source of inspiration for this outfit. Our first night in London we headed out in search of dinner. We were staying Kensington, which is also stunningly beautiful, and after crosseing a few roads and found our way into candy coloured Chelsea. I was in awe of the homes painted soft pinks (I live in a house full of boys and there is NO way they would let me paint the house pink!).

I decided to pull out the pink items in my suitcase and created this outfit for an afternoon of site-seeing and an early dinner at a local Indian restaurant. Afterwards, we changed into plain jeans and t-shirts and spent the night at the movies watching Capt. America Civil War (I liked it but wasn't as good as I was hoping). The constant of my outfit for the day was my Tory Burch Robinson bag. I bought this bag two years ago specifically to have a crossbody for the days we are at baseball games, amusement parks and anytime that I don't feel like carrying a large bag. It has just enough space to hold my wallet, cell phone and lipstick. It's a great bag that has served me well. I went back and forth on buying it but once I did, I never regretted it.

Travel Style

I'm back from vacation and feeling very well rested (which is amazing considering how much ground we covered!). AMH and I flew from Toronto to London, drove to Wales, then to Scotland, than to Liverpool and finally back to London in only 11 days. We managed to spend a lot of time with family, see a lot of sites, and still have time to relax. So, what's my travel style?

In a word -comfortable.

Leggings: Old Navy (on sale!) | White long sleeve: Banana Republic (similar from The Gap) | 
Large scarf: H&M (similar) | Trench: Michael Kors (it rained the instant we deplaned) | 
Shoes: Converse | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Carry on suitcase: London Fog Cambridge print (similar) |

 We were on the plane for almost 7 hours and I had hoped to get some sleep in (that did NOT happen). I wore no make up to the airport and packed a few face cleansing clothes in my carry on to wash my face before and after the plane ride. It's my little trick to feeling fresh. I love these L'Occitane Verbena Refreshing Towelettes and always make sure they are in my carry on. 

Also, I love a good blow out. I truly enjoy getting my hair done. I also really like that my hair looks great for about three days (I usually shampoo every other day). I do not like the hassle of washing and blow drying my hair so when I go on vacation I try to get a blow out at least once. On this trip I managed to score two! I visited Element Hair in Waterloo on the morning that we were leaving. It was a relaxing way to start the vacation and I didn't have to worry about doing my hair for a few days! Just spray a little dry shampoo and comb. That's it! 

Getting everything I asked for. Running out of pages in my passport. 

The leggings, shirt and scarf were comfortable, looked appropriate for walking through an airport and for meeting up with family afterwards. It was a long first day but I followed my mom's advice and stayed awake the first night as long as possible and went to sleep at 9pm UK time. This helped hold off jet lag and got me on UK time without any issue. 

Just a quick blog post today. I am currently working my way through the 3000 or so photos that AMH and I took while on our UK vacation. I'll be posting lots over the next few weeks but I will leave you with a few lessons that I learned while on this vacation.

  • Driving on the opposite side of the car and road is doable. I didn't drive but AMH did and he did a great job. He said you have to constantly think about what your are doing, as opposed to to just following you instinct. That being said - buy the upgraded insurance. It costs a lot but you are covered in case of anything. We hit a curb only a matter of minutes outside of the rental place. Covered. No big deal at all. 
  • The UK has service centres everywhere on the highways, very similar to the highways in the United States (dear Canada, please get on board). They all have wi-fi, gas, fast food and Marks and Spencer so you can purchase healthy food options. No need to worry about travelling on their highways (called the M series).
  • If you type an address to your GPS, make sure the house or building number is saved somewhere else. We saved all the important addresses as a favourite in our GPS, which was very convenient to just be able to select the favourite when you were on your way, but once we arrived they house number they were not presented! We first travelled to visit my family in Wales and if they had not been waiting outside for us, I would have had no idea which house they lived in! Write the addresses down on a piece of paper or the Notes app on your phone. 

Pretty in Pink

Outfit | Trench: Michael Kors | Skirt: Target | Shirt: Ralph Lauren oxford
Purse: Micheal Kors Selma (similar) | Flats: Nine West (similar) |

Make up | Blush: Bobbi Brown in Nectar & Shimmer Brick in Rose (I use the shimmer brick for bronzer, highlighter and eye shadow) | Mascara: Dior Overcurl | Lipstick: Dior | Nail polish: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat |

A quick post today - I am prepping for my upcoming trip to the UK! I can't wait to see London in person. I've been following so many London instagrammers and I'm so happy we decided to visit in the Spring. Everything is in bloom there, and here in Waterloo Region. It's just such a beautiful time to be outside...and snapping a few photos!

A classic spring outfit, a trench for any weather, a little pink skirt and a classic oxford. Leopard flats add a cute pop and match my Michael Kors purse perfectly.

Enjoy your weekend!

Stripes Park

Outfit | Dress: Banana Republic (old, similar) | Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) |
Shoes: Payless | Clutch: Old Navy (old) | Bracelet: Joe Fresh | Necklace: The Bay

Make up | Blush: Bobbi Brown in Nectar & Shimmer Brick in Rose (I use the shimmer brick for bronzer, highlighter and eye shadow) | Mascara: Dior Overcurl | Lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbert 053 | Nail polish: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

Don't you just love a good repeat outfit? I mean, if it's good enough for Kate Middleton, it's good enough for the rest of us! I last wore this green cardi here, and this dress has always been a go-to for work. It's so easy to just throw on a cardi and some accessories! Truth be told, I wore this exact outfit to my brother's birthday party at a horse race a few years ago. This photo of Gwyneth Paltrow was my original inspiration.

Everything in this post, except for the make up, is an old piece. The dress itself is four years old, the cardigan three years, the bracelet is five years and the clutch is 14 years old! I bought it from Old Navy so many years ago and bring it out when I need a pop of green. I love the wooden handle and how big it is. Much bigger than the typical clutch. I will always re-clothes and mix and match to create new outfits. Not just because I do not have an unlimited budget but I genuinely like creating outfits! When things get very busy for me (which they do quite often) creating an outfit maybe the only few moments I have to be creative and do something just for myself.

What outfit do you love re-wearing? Tell me all the deets in the comments!